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Influence the Psychology of Persuasion Summary


Hey guys, today I’ll talk about this book called “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert Cialdini. This book is mainly to improve social skills but can be far more effective in marketing. The book focuses on six techniques you can use to influence people, maybe to make a decision or buy something. So let’s start, Scarcity Some psychological studies have proved...

The 5 Second Rule


Hey guy, Mel Robbins was very unhappy with her life. So she decided to change herself and form some good habits. So she tried to change but she couldn’t change anything. Her husband’s business was also failing. At that time her life was sort of miserable.  But then, one night she got an idea of a trick while watching a show on TV. Which later changed her life. She quit being lazy and...

Feynman technique:How to learn anything?


Hey guys, Richard Feynman was a Nobel prize-winning American physicist. But he is mostly known for his approach of explaining things. He had a magical power of breaking down complex things into so simple that even a kid could understand that. He was even known as The Great Explainer. Now the question is how can we do the same? According to Albert Einstein,               “If you can’t explain it...

Body Language Reading, Part-2


Hey guys, I’m back with another article about reading body language. Obviously, because we communicate more with our bodies than words. In my last article, I explained the leg gestures. You can check that here. Today I’ll talk about torso gestures. So let’s start. Torso Shield When we face uncomfortable situations, we start hiding our torso. For example by folding hands or keeping books or...

How to manifest money?


Hey guys, Do you know how much powerful visualization can be? If you manifest anything using visualization you will achieve. The secret behind it is the Law of Attraction. But you have to take steps toward your goal. If you manifest your goals it will subconsciously increase your ability to work for your goals. Now let’s get back to the topic of how to manifest money. I’ll share a six-step...

Body Language Reading


Hey guys,  All of us love like Sherlock Holmes right. Maybe many of us have also tried to do deduction like him. But to do that you’ll need to practice for many many years. Which is a bit impossible. Don’t worry I have a shortcut, which is body language. we can get into anyone’s mind by just focusing on four body parts: Face Hands Torso Legs So I’ll explain all 4 parts in 4...

How to Get Rich?


Hey guys, Today I’m here with a summary of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad ”. In the book, the author talks about his two dads(One his own dad and another is his friend’s dad). His own dad was a Ph.D. and used to say money is the root of all evil, he would tell the author to get a degree and then get a good job. On the other hand, his friend’s dad didn’t even pass the 8th. But he used to say...

How to Form a Habit?


Hey guys, I hope you’re doing well so today I’ll talk about how can you form a habit. It’s not like exchanging habit. I’ll talk about how you start doing new things, for example, going to the gym, start reading books, etc and make those your habit. Now let’s understand why we humans do anything. Our every decision and work follows a principle called The Pain and...

The Four Agreements Summary


Hey guys, We come to the world with an empty brain. In the process of growing up, we make agreements with ourselves which later decides our future. But most of the agreements are unintentional. For example, our childhood if someone would appreciate us we agreement make an agreement that we are good but when someone says us stupid we would make an agreement that we are stupid.  But don’t worry you...

How to Prevent Time Waste?


Hey guys, most of the day or I would say regularly we plan that we won’t waste any time and get all the things done.  While the reality is we end up spending the day in the same way. If you’re tired of this cycle, stay with me. Today I’ll share this method called “R.A.C.” to prevent time waste. Record So the R stands for Record. Recording here means keeping track of everything you do a...



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