How Did I Learn To Write With My Left Hand?

Hey guys, Welcome to the blog of the most unproductive person in the world, Who uses writing as a coping mechanism. So the title was a clickbait though I don’t see why I need a clickbait on my own website. Whatever…..

Today I’ll mainly talk about how I used The Compounding Effect to learn to write with my non-dominant hand/my left hand.

So, My journey started around April of 2020. Since my school was closed for an indefinite period. Like other high school students, I started watching movies and tv series. As a big Sherlock Holmes fan, so I started watching this TV series called “Elementary”, where Dr. Watson for some reason changed gender. Whatever that’s a topic for another day. In the TV series, Sherlock Holmes is ambidextrous, which means he writes with both hands. I was like I want to do the same. You know typical teenagers when they see something they can show off.

But this not the first time me thinking this. I tried multiple times before.

  • Once I wanted to be like Leonardo da Vinci. If you don’t know he was ambidextrous.
  • Then I tried because I wanted to unlock the right side of my brain.

And obviously didn’t succeed any of those times. I tried really hard for few days, no big change, and I quit.

But this time, I read few books and was aware of The Compounding Effect. So I decided that I will make it a part of my daily life. You know I made it a habit. My goal was to write just one word a day. Ok I know that sounds stupid. But this habit didn’t have any urgency. I just wanted to learn it, no pressure.

Obviously, I missed a few days but some days I wrote few sentences. so yeah no matter how weird it sounds I am still doing it. It’s been a year I won’t say I am ambidextrous now. But it’s a lot better than before. I can write with my left hand totally fine. Handwriting is decent. Just a bit slow and I have to keep my hand a certain way to write properly.

But I learned a few things throughout this and I wanted to share my thoughts.

The best lesson was that you can learn anything you want if you give some time. Slow and steady always wins the race. It may sound simple and childish but think back, what happened the last time you tried to learn something. When we start something new we tend to be full of motivation when starting. We exceed all expectations. But then days go by we get to something new, it feels boring or we don’t see any results. These are the reason that slows us down and eventually throws us off the path.

So next time you start learning something new or start a new habit just remember you have to be consistent, quantity doesn’t matter. One pushup is much better than no pushup.

So this is it for today, I hope what I explained made sense. I’ll catch you guys(If anyone’s reading) up on the next one. Till then stay safe, Peace.


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