Why Perfectionism Sucks?


Hey guys, Today I am here to sort of roast myself, to be more specific the perfectionist side of me. So to be honest right now I am kind of in the middle. Which means now I seek perfection in certain things not everything. Otherwise, I won’t have this blog because none of my posts are perfect and I am trying to constantly improve my blog. It’s like trying, failing, and improving. At least that’s what I think.

My Story

Creating things works like drugs for me. From my childhood, DIY was my thing but since I was a perfectionist I don’t have any proof of making anything. Mostly because I like the process, not the outcome. If you’ve read stories of Sherlock Holmes you know that Sherlock Holmes would solve mysteries to get high that’s what “making things” are for me.

I would see a thing and if I thought that I want it, instead of buying I would try and make it. After making I would do some test and play for some time and then I would throw it and start making another thing or the 2.0 of the same thing because it’s not perfect.

But at a point, I noticed “perfectionists can’t make anything”. I mean they can make but that never comes out because it’s not perfect.

For example, assume that you want to become a content creator. But you are a “perfectionist” and you want everything to be perfect before publishing anything. Then Let me tell you that you’ll never be able to be a content creator because you’ll never be perfect. It’s a work and learn process. Remember that you can’t learn football by reading a book.

Then something more added when I saw a video about why shouldn’t we be perfectionists. So I reconsidered my position and tried to be neutral.

To be honest, things have changed a lot. Now I don’t run behind perfection, that’s why I have this blog and I am still uploading. When I started this I knew was it won’t be perfect but I’ll learn during the process and I’ll get better at this. That’s why if you look at my old posts, they were sh*tty posts of just 100 – 300 words. At that time who would’ve thought I can write a 1000 words post.

Why is Perfection bad?

Actually the answer is not that hard. You should know nothing is perfect. Remember there is always some sort of improvements that you can do. When you start a work you have sort of a mental image in your mind of the end result. But let’s be honest we never get what we exactly thought of. This is actually called The Taste Gap. Which is a term coined by the podcaster Ira Glass.

When we start creating we tend to look at other creators in the same space. Their work becomes our standard and we think if we are not good enough like them we shouldn’t publish our work. In other words, we start with a Great Taste. We set the bar too high, so high that even we can’t reach there. But as a beginner, our work never matches up with that standard. And we notice a taste gap, that’s why most people never start. You have accepted this that you can’t get to that great taste until you spend years doing something. It’s work and learn process.

So if you want to do anything “Just Do It”, “Just Start”. And you’ll catch up with the tide don’t worry.

How not to be perfect?

So now the most important part, the question of the day. How not to be perfect? To be honest there isn’t like any switch that you can just turn off. But here are some tricks & techniques that might be helpful.

First of all, accept that nothing is perfect. And when you’re starting you will suck. As I said earlier that it’s work and learning the process.

The 1% Rule

So the rule says, At first just start. Then focus on getting at least one percent better every day. Let’s take me as an example, To be honest, I never thought that I’ll write and share it to the world. Before starting I watched lots of videos about YouTubers & bloggers. Most of them if not all of them said that when they started their content wasn’t that good. So I just accepted it, that my first 10 posts will suck. So my target was to upload a post every week and go on with that. So I started posting constantly and something new on every post. Like maybe the title, thumbnail, word count, SEO, etc. And I know that I am still not good. I am still learning.

Now there are some conditions. If you’re an impatient person and always running behind instant gratification it’s not for you. You need to believe in the power of compounding. Always remember that these one percents are actually adding up together.

I actually learned about The 1% Rule from Thomas Frank. If you want to know more about the rule check out this video by Thomas Frank. I find this rule similar to the concept of Kaizen. If you don’t know let me tell you kaizen is a Japanese philosophy which says you should improve at least a bit better every day. If I am right you can search and see how powerful kaizen can be.

So again some of the things I said were inspired by a Youtube video of Thomas Frank called “Why Your Work Disappoints You“. Thanks, Tom.

So this is it for today. Hope you guys enjoyed it. I’ll catch you guys up in the next one. Till then stay safe. Peace.

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