How Our Education System Kills Creativity?


Hey guys, This one is a bit different from my other blog posts. Because lately, I’ve been reading this book called “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Steven R. Covey. In the book, the author says something like, if you tell anyone to do something with a step by step commands It kill their creativity. This thing hit me and I was like our education is doing the same. So I looked up about it. Here is what I found.

Here Is What I’ll Talk About:

How Our Education System Kills Creativity?

What is creativity? In my definition:

Thinking in an unique way, different then any other people in the world.

According to Google:

the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.

Now let me give you a little example of why do I think school is killing creativity. A for ?…. What did first came in your mind Apple right? About 98% will think of Apple because we’re taught this by our schools. Now my question to you all is do you think that amount of people supposed to think the same way? Definitely not. Our school made us think the same way.

Every child is unique. They have different preferences and ways of thinking. But our schools teach everyone the same thing. Then we memorize that so that we can vomit it on the exam paper. We don’t get a chance to think differently. Most of the time we study those subjects that we hate the most. Einstein says,

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Though it’s a controversial quote it’s not wrong. And yeah our education system is doing the same. It’s judging the fishes by its ability to climb a tree. Here is a funny Illustration of our exams.


No matter what’s your ability is you’ve to take the same exam.

Now some people might say it takes a lot of time to make So many questions. Indeed, I agree and there is away. Instead of saying that climb the tree like a monkey what they can say is to find ways that you can use to climb the tree. I know tree example is a bit confusing so let me simplify it. Instead of saying that write what in your book what they can say is to write your opinion not what’s in the book. Or if you think about the apple example, they could ask us what else starts with an A.

If our schools do this children will at least think outside the box Instead of vomiting what’s in the book. When kids stick with this system kids lose their ability to think on our own. Which affects our career and relationships

In a longitudinal test of creative potential, a NASA study found that of 1,600 4-5-year-old kids, 98 percent scored at the “creative genius” level. Five years later, only 30 percent of the same group of children scored at the same level, and again, five years later, only 12 percent. When the same test was administered to adults, it was found that only 2 percent scored at this genius level.

Learn more about the test here. Creative genius means those who think differently. The experiment above is clear proof that we are born creative geniuses but our education system is killing our creativity.

Why is our education system like this?

The education system right now was designed in the 18th century. During the industrial revolution. At the time wealthy people were making new mills & factories every day. So they needed lots of people to work in their factories. So they designed a system which makes children ready to work in factories. The factories didn’t require people to think but to only work like robots.

Why Is This A Problem?

After all, these people might say everyone doesn’t want to become Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein. Some just want to get a decent job. Look schools can only help us to get a job which doesn’t require thinking. But it’ll change in a few years because robots are occupying all the jobs that don’t require thinking.

Here’s what Steve Jobs says,

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” 

Which means dream companies to work in requires thinking. Nowadays companies don’t require you to just work like a robot. You’ll have to work with a team that we’re never taught in school.

Now let me break down the futures of students from three levels:


Toppers kill their creativity very easily and start living in the box. Since they study a lot they never face failure during their student life. So they even lose the ability to accept the failure. They never go out of the box because they fear failure and spent their whole life working on other people’s dreams.

Some of them try to go outside the box but when they face failure they step back or they break down mentally. Go through depression and all that.

PS: I am talking about the majority. I’m not saying topper don’t get rich. They do but they don’t get wealthy.

Average Students

They’re like the gray people of a class. Never in the limelight. Average students tend to hide their creativity and study though they don’t like it. A simple spark can bring that creativity out. Since they don’t study much they’ve got a good out knowledge and experience of failing.

Those who get that spark live their dreams but most of them are like topper living other’s life.

Bad Students

Let me make this clear that there are two types of bad students:

  1. Those who are just bad at studies
  2. Those who are bad in day to day life also

If someone is bad in day to day life they will end up being an alcoholic and drug addicts.               Until they get some motivation dose or what. If someone is just bad at studies. It’s obvious that they’ll do something different. Since they don’t study that have a good out knowledge, they know the real world. And most importantly they have a good experience of failing. So they never step back for the fear of failing. This is the reason why they succeed. They never let their schooling kill their creativity.

That’s why Mark Twain said,

“I have never let my schooling, interfere with my education”

So this is it for today. Tried something different this time. I’ll catch you guys up in the next one. Till then stay safe. Peace.

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  • This makes sense…it turns out that the backbenchers become successfull in future or even in higher studies ….and toppers don’t…In japan kids do not participate in the exam till 5th grade..& they are lot smarter than us….

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