Body Language Reading. Part-3

Hey guys, I’m finally here with the last part of reading body language. On the last two blogs about body language I shared leg and torso gestures. If you haven’t read those check those out here and here. Today I’ll talk about hand and face gestures. So let’s start.

Hand Gestures

Gravity Related Movement

When we feel Happy, Energetic, or exited our hands automatically go upward just like winners.


People who are under-confident, shy, and inferior even they keep their body move restricted. Because they don’t wanna get noticed.
Also whenever thief goes for a robbery they do minimum body moves, this means they move their hands very less and walk silently. They do all these unconsciously so that nobody can detect them.

Akimbo and Hooding

Keeping both hands over waist just like superman or while sitting keeping our hands behind our neck removing elbows out or keeping our neck removing elbows out or keeping our finger on a desk all these gestures gives signals of dominance and authority.


When you want to make someone trust you try to show your hands. I mean try to keep your hands visible to them while talking.


If Someone is shaking hands with you and keeps his hand a little sloppy. So that his hand remains slightly up by doing this he is showing dominance. Maybe he thinks he is better and stronger than you.

If a person shakes hand little sloppy towards downwards then by doing this he is showing that he is submissive and is feeling weaker then the opposite person

Straight handshake shows equality and respect.

Arm cues that Isolate

Whenever a person folds him both hands backward by this they communicate their highest status.


Talking while touching both hand’s fingers shows the opposite person believes it and is very confident about it.

Nonverbal of face 

Pupillary Constricting and Squinting

When we feel surprised and when we meet someone suddenly then we suddenly enlarge our eyes and we smile if we like that person. When we don’t like that person but if we don’t like that person or situation then we make our eyes small after enlarging it. We squint our eyes, squinting eyes gives a negative feeling signal.

Eye Blocking

When we want to avoid any situation or person we star blocking our eyes by shifting our eyes or maybe by looking down.

Eye Blinking

When a person suddenly starts blinking their eyes too fast. This thing shows that maybe a person is struggling to say something or struggling to accept something.

Looking Askance

While talking moving your head sidewards or rolling your eyes upwards shows that maybe you are not able to believe or trust something.

Nose Flare

Sudden flare or nose blooming shows that maybe the opposite person is about to start an argument or going to run or going to fight or about to lift heavy weight etc.

Real and Fake Smiles

In a real smile your face goes upwards from your cheeks which creates wrinkles to hear your eyes but in fake smile all these things will not happen.

Lip Purse

Moving lips to one side or tightening the lips which bring Wrinkles on lips this shows maybe the person is not agreeing on the particular thing.

Disappearing, Compression down lips

Taking lips inside, slight visibility of lips or pressing lips, or keeping lips upside down this shows sadness or stress.

Tounge Display

Licking lips with tounges show stress or desire and pressing tongue with teeth, show maybe the person has done anything wrong.

Gravity Defying Behaviour

Keeping head up or chin up shows high confidence and the opposite of it shows low confidence.


So this is it for today, I shared these form the book called “What Every Body is Saying ” by  Joe Navarro. catch you guys up on the next one. Till then stay safe, Peace.

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