The 5 Second Rule


Hey guy, Mel Robbins was very unhappy with her life. So she decided to change herself and form some good habits. So she tried to change but she couldn’t change anything. Her husband’s business was also failing. At that time her life was sort of miserable. 

But then, one night she got an idea of a trick while watching a show on TV. Which later changed her life. She quit being lazy and started forming good habits using that trick. Later on, she got a job on CNN as a TV representative. Her husband’s business also serviced using the trick. 

Going forward in time, she wrote a book about her experiences and became a motivational speaker. Which brought her both money and fame.

Now you must be wondering, what did she watch on tv, and what is that trick?

Here’s the answer, that night she was watching a rocket launch of NASA. While Watching the launch, she noticed that when the countdown reached one launch the rocket. No matter what the outcome might get. They never move back from launching.

After noticing this Mel Robbins hit upon an idea. She thought she could also use the countdown in her everyday life. She would start a countdown when she would feel like procrastinating. For example, When the alarm would ring, she would start the countdown 5…4…3…2…1… and then just get up without thinking anything. She tried the same when she felt like not doing anything. Which helped her do all the things the needed to be done. She also formed some good habits using this rule. You guys know the rest.

After all these, Mel Robbins named it the 5 second rule. She wrote a book about this rule and what she achieved using it with the same name.

Now you know the rule and how to use it. Just take a step forward and start doing what needs to be done.

So this is it for today. I shared this from the book as I said “The 5 second rule” by Mel Robbins. I’ll catch you guys up in the next one till then stay safe. Peace.

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