Body Language Reading, Part-2


Hey guys, I’m back with another article about reading body language. Obviously, because we communicate more with our bodies than words. In my last article, I explained the leg gestures. You can check that here. Today I’ll talk about torso gestures. So let’s start.

Torso Shield

When we face uncomfortable situations, we start hiding our torso. For example by folding hands or keeping books or bags in front of the torso.


Just like legs when we don’t like anything or any person, we change our torso direction from the thing or person.

Torso Splays

While sitting moving backward it shows territorial power, But it can also mean the person is uncomfortable in the presence of the opposite person or disagrees with them.

Puffing Chest

Puffing your chest while talking indicates anger.

Baring the torso

If someone starts removing stuff which he is wearing such as a hat, jacket or watch then this indicates that a person is getting ready to fight either physically or verbally.

Breathing Behaviour

Whenever we stay in stress we take in-depth breaths compared to normal.

Shoulder Shrugs

Dropping down the shoulders suddenly after keeping it up will signal that the person is doubtful about commitment or maybe he is confused about certain things.

Weak Shoulder

When someone starts bringing his shoulder near to his ears while hiding his neck then this indicates that he/she is uncomfortable and becoming nervous and doing the opposite of it, keeping shoulder down and keeping it behind taking more space then it means he\she is confident or trying to be confident.

I shared these from the book “What Every Body Is Saying” by Joe Navarro. Who is an ex-FBI agent. So this is it for today see you guys in the next one. Till then stay safe. Peace.

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