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Hey guys,  All of us love like Sherlock Holmes right. Maybe many of us have also tried to do deduction like him. But to do that you’ll need to practice for many many years. Which is a bit impossible. Don’t worry I have a shortcut, which is body language. we can get into anyone’s mind by just focusing on four body parts:

  1. Face
  2. Hands
  3. Torso
  4. Legs

So I’ll explain all 4 parts in 4 different posts. Now since the leg is the most genuine and true part of our body, I’ll start off with legs.

Happy Feet

When a person feels good at that time he/she has a little bouncy walk while humming or singing. This language shows that he/she is excited or satisfied.

Feet Direction

Usually, if we are interested in anything or a person, then our feet will face that person or thing and the opposite happens when we are not interested.

Knee Claps

When a person keeps both of his hands near the knees and leans slightly forward, this language means he/she wants to get out of the situation as soon as possible.

Legs Splay

When someone takes more space while standing and keeps his/her legs wide. This is the territorial display. This language shows that we have control over the situation. It also shows confidence.

Gravity-defying gesture

When someone keeps their foot or heel up while standing, because of which he/she looks taller than normal. This language shows he/she is excited, happy, interested or ready to go somewhere. 

Leg cross

Standing while keeping legs crossed from the side of the ankle, this language shows that the person is feeling very comfortable.

Seated foot movement

Playing with shoes while sitting or moving it, usually indicates that the opposite person wants others to notice him/her.


Every human has some personal space, in which he only allows those person to come who he loves or trust distances,

0.6 m – 2 ft = Intimate

1.2 m – 4 ft = Personal

3.0 m – 10 ft = Social

Foot freeze

If a person is continuously moving his leg and stops moving suddenly or if he does the opposite of it then this language indicates that the person is in stress or there is sudden change in his emotions.

I shared these from the book “What Every Body is Saying” by Joe Navarro. Who is an ex FBI agent and specialist is non-verbal and criminal profiling. So this is from a trusted source. So this is it for today, I’ll catch you guys up in the next one. Till then stay safe. Peace.

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