How to Form a Habit?


Hey guys, I hope you’re doing well so today I’ll talk about how can you form a habit. It’s not like exchanging habit. I’ll talk about how you start doing new things, for example, going to the gym, start reading books, etc and make those your habit.

Now let’s understand why we humans do anything. Our every decision and work follows a principle called The Pain and Pleasure Principle. Which says the reason behind doing anything is either to gain pleasure or avoid pain.

Now let’s see how can we use this to form a habit. If you want to for a habit, for example, reading books you need to convince your mind that, you love reading books. To do that the first step definitely is to start reading. Then If you feel that you can’t take it anymore just think about the benefits you’ll get if you read books and think about what you’ll miss if you don’t read books. In simple word relate reading books with pleasure and not reading with pain. If you carry on this process you’ll be able to form any habit you want.

So this is a wrap on this one. Don’t forget to tell me if you have successfully formed any habit. I hope you will because even I formed the habit of reading using this. Catch you guys up on the next one, till then stay safe. Peace.

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By Shafaet

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