How to Prevent Time Waste?


Hey guys, most of the day or I would say regularly we plan that we won’t waste any time and get all the things done.  While the reality is we end up spending the day in the same way. If you’re tired of this cycle, stay with me. Today I’ll share this method called “R.A.C.” to prevent time waste.


So the R stands for Record. Recording here means keeping track of everything you do a whole day and how much time those things take to be done. 


Now get an overview of your record. Then analyze the record to find out how much time do you waste everyday.

Mark those things that are wasting your time.


After getting everything on paper you need now stop doing those work which you have marked as time waste.

Bring change to your daily routine. Keep it at least for 21 days then I hope you’ll get used to the change.

So this is a wrap on this one. Catch you guy up in the next one. Don’t forget to share your feedback after applying this R.A.C. method. Peace.

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By Shafaet

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