How to Start a Startup

Hey guys, Today I’ll talk about how to start a startup from the book “7 Day Startup” by Dan Norris. In the book, the author shares his journey of building a million-dollar start-up in just 7 days.

The book was a common man who was tied to his job. So he quit his high paying job and started working on his dreams. He worked on different ideas but none of them succeeded and he was making lots of losses. Things got so bad that he had only 7 days to start another startup or go back to a job because his savings were coming to an end. Since his last business wasn’t working, he decided to start again and made a million-dollar startup in just 7 days.

Here is the step by step process:

Day 1.Idea


Obviously the idea is first for a startup. Now to get a great idea you need to focus on 9 elements in your idea.

  1. You should enjoy everyday work on the idea.
  2. Your idea should compliment your skills. Don’t choose an idea where you don’t have any skills.
  3. Your idea should be scalable.
  4. Your idea shouldn’t be totally dependent on you. It should be a system that can run without you in the future.
  5. Your idea should make a valuable asset that is sellable in need.
  6. Your idea should have market potential.
  7.  Your product reduces consumers’ pain and increases pleasure.
  8. Your idea should be a bit different from others.
  9. Your idea should be quickly launched.

Day 2.MVP

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. MVP is very important for startups. MVP is a version of your product in which you keep only the main features and which are changeable according to customer needs. Launch an MVP before the main product to understand customer’s needs and get reviews. You must change your MVP before the final launch according to customer needs.

Day 3.The Name

Name is important but doesn’t overthink the name.  Most of the startups go with simple names. An ok name would work. Keep in mind that your name should be unique and easy to say. 

Day 4.Website

No matter what your startup is about, you need a website. Your website is important because you have full control over that. While if you have a Facebook page or something like that. Authority can do anything to your page without your permission. You can use WordPress to create a website in minutes.

Day 5.Marketing

You need to market your products and services to make people aware of your existence. Since you’re just starting digital marketing is the best and cheapest way. To start you can create content. Like youtube videos, blogs, podcasts, etc.

Day 6.Set Target

To understand how your business is doing you need to set a target before launch. For example prediction of customers, sales, growth.

Day 7.Launch

The last step is to launch. Every improvement you do after launch should be according to the customer’s needs. 

So this is a wrap on this article. See you guys in the next one. Till then stay with me. Peace.

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