How to sell anything to anyone 2.0

Hey guys, today I am here again with another marketing method. Don’t worry I won’t take away your wallet this time. The method  called A.I.D.A. I’ll explain it to you as simply as possible Here is the explanation,


The first A stands for Awareness. Which simply means make the consumers aware of your product or services. Target your potential customers. 


To make customers interested in your product, show them your product is offering a likely fit for their needs. Like scientific proofs.


Make your product desired by customers. The easiest way to do this is to target customers emotionally. Because “People buy with emotion and justify with logic”.


Approaching the consumers to buy your product. Show them the path to the next step. What do they do, subscribe for a newsletter, fill up an inquiry form, buy a product, download the E-book or share your content on their social media?

Some other technique you must check:


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