7 Life Changing Lessons from a Monk.


Hey guys, Today I’ll try to summarize the book “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma. there was this guy named Julien. He was a very successful lawyer. As a result, he had both fame and wealth. He had a Ferrari, a private jet and all luxurious things. But these things couldn’t make him happy. He used to work 18 hours/day for more money. Later on, which ruined his personal life. One day he was fighting a case in the courtroom, he got a heart attack. After that the warned him to choose either his life or job.

After listening to the doctor, He took the biggest decision of his life. He sold everything he had and went to India to meet monks to find answers to some questions he had. After meeting the monks, their leader told him a story,

Imagine you are sitting in a big green garden full of different plants and flowers. Looking around, you see a big lighthouse in the middle of the garden. Suddenly you hear a loud voice. When you look around to find the source you see a 9 feet sumo wrestler coming out of the door of the lighthouse and starts walking in the garden. The sumo wrestler was just wearing a nappy tied with the red wire and nothing else. While walking he saw a golden watch so he moved toward it to pick it up. But then his foot slips and he falls down badly. After falling it seemed that he had died. But then he gets the fragrance of a flower and immediately gets up, after getting up when he looks at his left side, He sees a path that has thousands of diamonds around it, He gets very happy to see all this. Then he starts walking to such a place by the path where all happiness is there.

Julien felt very weird and asked the monk was that a joke. 

The monk said no and started explaining,

1.The Garden

The garden symbolizes our brains. Because our brain is like a Garden, if you sow good and great seeds to it, you’ll get a lot of fruits and flowers. In simple words, if you fill your mind with positive things your life will be happier. On the other hand, the negative will bring the opposite.

It means if you control your mind you can control your life.

2.The Lighthouse

The lighthouse symbolizes our Purpose or goal of life. We all a lightHouse helps a Ships to reach their right destination in the right direction. Goals do a similar thing in human life. If you don’t have a purpose then you’re like a boat without radar. You don’t know what to do.

3.Sumo Wrestler

Sumo Wrestler symbolizes Kaizen. Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy that means continuous learning and improving yourself. The way sumo wrestlers always maintain discipline with continuous efforts, similarly even we have to remove some time from our entire day, to perform activities which will Improve our brain and body. Like, reading books, exercise, meditate, etc.

4.Wire Cable

The wire cable symbolizes  Self Control and Discipline. Have you ever seen the inside of a wire cable? There are small thin wires which bind up together and make it strong.

Our self-control and discipline are also like that. It’s made up of small decisions we make.

So, to get good self-control and discipline you need to focus on small things you do.

5.Stop Watch

The watch in the story symbolizes time. No matter how rich or poor you’re, time is the same for everyone. So only those succeed who make proper use of their time.

6.The Fragrant Flower

Flower and fragrance symbolize social cause. Helping others without thinking about our own benefit. No matter how much money you have, you might not be happy. But when you make other people happy with whatever you have, happiness returns to you. Jim Carrey once said:

        “The effect you have on others is the most 

                     valuable currency there is.”  

7.Path of Diamonds

The path of diamonds or only diamonds symbolizes our present. Nowadays people remain so busy thinking about their past and future, they forget to enjoy their present. It’s true that you need to think about your future but for doing that never forget to enjoy your present.

So this is a wrap on this article to catch you guys up in the next one. I shared these lessons from the book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” By Robin Sharma. In this book, he shared his own journey from a lawyer to a monk.

Check the book out here

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