How to sell anything to anyone?


Hey guys, welcome again. Today I’ll be talking about how you can sell anything to anyone as the title suggests.At the end of the post I might convince you to hand me over your wallet.

In the post I’ll simply explain the 4 Ps of personal selling.


The first p stands for the promise. The promise is used to get the attention of consumers. By this, you promise the consumers the benefits that they will get. For example:

In the beginning, I said,” I’ll teach you how to sell anything to anyone”. This was my promise.


The picture here means to make the consumer feel your product.  

Do you remember a situation while you were roaming in a clothing shop with no intention of buying anything but a salesman pops up and sort of forces you to try something and you end up buying that.

Here the salesman used the picture to make you buy it.


The proof is really important. Proofs will make consumers believe that your product really works. Give consumers proof that your product or service really works before asking them to buy. For example Reviews, References, Testimonials or guarantee, etc.


Push also known as the pitch is part of the sales process when finally asking the consumers to buy.

Here are some psychological tricks to make your pitch more attractive:


Humans get more attracted to those things which are either banned or limited.

When something gets banned people get curious about that. Use their maximum to get that or know about that.

When something is limited people panic and buy as fast as they can. Companies like Supreme use it. 

You can also use this by making your products limited edition or give a discount which will be available for a short period.

Social Proof 

Humans tend to take that path which most people are taking. You can use this behavior to sell your products or services.

Show people that lots of others are buying from you. It will make them more likely to buy. For example, Companies use the best selling tag.


So this is it for today. Catch you guys up in the next one. Till then stay safe and don’t forget to give your feedback in the comment section below.

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