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Hey guy, Having a morning ritual(Some specific habits performed in the morning) is the most impactful thing to become successful because If you win the morning you win the whole day. That’s why all successful people have a morning ritual. So today I am here with 6 common habits from the morning ritual successful people.


Successful people start their morning with silence. Now let’s understand what silence means here. It means they don’t rush for work or take all the tensions on their head right after getting up. They start the day with something relaxing like prayer, meditation.



Affirmation is nothing but a positive statement which we repeat to ourselves. By which it gets into our subconscious mind and our brain starts thinking it’s true. Then we become like that in reality. For example, you can say “ I’m confident”.


Visualization is a very powerful method to achieve any goal. It’s close to affirmation, in affirmation you say what you want to achieve but in this case, you imagine that. Don’t think you’ll achieve that, think you have achieved that. The reason is our brain doesn’t understand the difference between imagination and reality. That’s why you’re more likely to achieve that goal.


I don’t think I need to explain this one. We all know the importance of exercise. It helps us both physically and mentally. So give at least 5 minutes for exercising. 


You won’t find many successful people who don’t read books. But reading here doesn’t mean reading the newspaper or your news feed. Read those books which will improve you. Like, self-help books or business books. 



Scribing means writing your goals and dreams etc. Writing helps us a lot to achieve our goals. If you write your goals you’re 40% more likely to achieve it. So it’s an easy 40%, What are you waiting for.

This is for today, I shared these habits from the book “Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod”.Don’t forget to share which of these habits you have or would like to form?

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