How to get rid of any habit ?


Let’s get clear that you can’t actually get rid of a habit you have to change another habit.

Before getting started you need to understand how a habit works.we can break down habits into three parts:


Cue literally means trigger. Which triggers us to perform a certain habit. The cue can be anything like a certain time, sound, thing.


Routine is the process by which you perform a habit. For example, if you have a habit of smoking your routine would be going to a store then buying a cigarette then lighting it and then finally smoking.   


The reward is the satisfaction we get after performing a habit. Neurologically speaking it’s a dopamine dose you get after doing something you like. 

How to change habits?

Now you know about habit. So write down the cue, routine and reward of the habit you want to change. You should remember you can’t change the cue so change your routine and reward.

Let me explain with an example, assume you have a habit of smoking and you find out your cue is the lunchtime. Now what you can do is the next day at lunchtime go to the store but instead of buying a cigarette buy chocolate and instead of smoking you can talk to your friends or watch videos on youtube etc and then for reward eat the chocolate. Repeat the process for at least 21 days because that’s the time it takes our brain to form a habit.   

I shared this information from the book “The power of habit ” by Charles Duhigg.To know more about habits you should definitely check the book out.

And yeah don’t forget to share your results after applying this technique. Peace.

Check the book out:

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