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Hey guys, Before I get started I have a confession to make, I used to hate reading books until last year. Then one day I watched a video about “how to get rich” on youtube(thanks to youtube recommendation) which was actually the summary of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki which changed my mindset and then I understood the importance of reading books….

Let’s come back to the topic. We all know that a book can increase your knowledge and focus, it can make you good at writing and problem solving and blah…blah……..I know these things won’t make you interested in reading books.

So, here is my realization.

we all know that people become successful using their experiences. But the problem is acquiring knowledge in the traditional way is very slow. Because you need to do something to get experience.

While in a book, an author shares his or her experiences and researches in a nutshell which they have acquired from maybe 30,40 or 50 years of their life. But you can get those experiences by just giving some hours of your life.

So let’s be real if you don’t like reading books I won’t say go read storybooks. Read books that can change your life like self-help or maybe business books. If you don’t want to read get an audiobook.

Still not convinced just look at the life of Elon Musk. He is running multiple companies in different industries. Ever wondered how ? by reading books

He finished all the books of his neighboring library at the age of only 10.

Like him, books are the key to the success of many successful people.

For lazy people or if you are very busy there is an option which is the book summary. I know summaries won’t be as effective as the whole book but you will get the main points.

I tried to keep this blog as small as I possibly could, that’s why it’s just a brief overview of what I think about reading books. If you want to start reading, here are some suggestions:

1.How to win friends and influence people.

2. Think and grow rich.

3.Rich dad poor dad.

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