The Alchemist(A story of following dream)

As you all can tell from the title it’s a summary of the book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. It is a fiction book but quit connected with life. In the book, the author teaches if you follow your dream you’ll be successful by telling a fictional story. 

It’s a story about Santiago, a shepherd boy. He lived in Andalusia, Spain. He used love freedom and so would roam here and there with his sheep. One day he was going to Tarifa to find a girl he saw there. Nightfall on the way to Tarifa so he decided to take rest and he falls asleep under a sycamore tree.

While sleeping he saw a dream about a treasure which is lying under the pyramid in Egypt. He became confused this wasn’t the first time he having this dream so he went to a woman who was famous for interpreting people’s dreams to ask about his dream. She said his dream was real. She also asked him to give her 1/10th of the treasure for the explanation. Santiago agreed. 

Then he went to the city. One day he was sitting in a park. Suddenly an old man came to him. He said his name was Melchizedek and he was the king of Salem. Santiago ignored him because he was wearing shabby clothes.

But suddenly the old man said:” I can help you to find the treasure”. He said:” Everyone has a personal legend and when you follow that personal legend you’ll meet lots of people and lots of things will happen to you which will help you with that journey”.Then he advised Santiago to sell his sheep and follow his personal legend.

Then Santigo sold his sheep. Then he started traveling on a ship which was going to Africa. He got robbed, after reaching Tangiers, Morocco. Then he went to a crystal shop and told the owner of the shop that he would keep the crystals clean and only take food as wages.

When Santiago started cleaning the crystals the sale started growing so the owner gave him a job. While doing the job Santiago started coming up with new ideas to grow the sales. Santiago and the owner made lots of money with those ideas. But he didn’t forget his dream.

So after earning money, he started for Egypt in a caravan. In the caravan, he met an English man. The English man was looking for an alchemist who could turn lead into gold. Then they became friends.

When they were crossing the desert in the caravan, a rumor started spreading that there will be a war in the desert. For the fear of war, the caravan stopped at an oasis named Al Fayoum.

When they reached there the English man started looking for the alchemist and Santiago helped him. Then they met a girl named Fatima who gave them the address of the alchemist. Then the English man went to the alchemist but Santiago fell in love with her. He used to meet her beside a well.

When the English man found the alchemist, the alchemist asked him if had ever tried to turn lead into gold. The English man replied no. So the alchemist gave him the assignment to try to convert the lead into gold. So he started working.

One day Santiago got a vision that the oasis would get attacked. So he went to the leader of the oasis. The leader said:” we will get ready but, If there is no attack we will hang you”.But surprisingly the next day the oasis got attacked but the attacker got defeated because they were ready. So the leader got very happy and gave him lots of gold and made him the counselor.

Now Santiago became very happy and thought to marry Fatima and start living in the oasis. But Fatima said:” True love doesn’t make you sacrifice your dreams and she will wait for his but he should follow his dreams”.On that day Santiago met the alchemist. Since the alchemist knew Santiago saved the oasis.

So Santiago and the alchemist started for the pyramids. On the way, some goons caught them and took away the golds from Santiago. Then they were about to kill them but suddenly the alchemist said:” Santiago is a powerful magician and he can turn him into wind”.The goons started laughing at them and gave Santiago 3 days to prove his power. 

Santiago got really afraid and told the alchemist you got both of us killed. The alchemist said calm down you can do it. Be confident and try to understand the language of the desert. Santiago couldn’t do anything the first two days but then he understood the language of the desert and turned himself into the wind. Seeing this all goons got afraid and ran away.

Then Santiago and the alchemist reached a monastery, where the alchemist turned lead into gold and gave Santiago a little and told him to go to Egypt alone.

When he reached the pyramid and started digging, some goons again arrived and snatched his gold and started beating him. So he became unconscious and started murmuring about the treasure and his dream. The goons started laughing and one of them said:” He’s mad, who thinks about their dreams like this. Even I saw a dream that there is treasure under a sycamore tree Spain. But I didn’t follow my dream”. 

Then Santiago understood where the real treasure was, so he went to Spain and found the treasure under the sycamore tree. then he gave the dream interpreter the promised 1/10th of the treasure and went back to Fatima.

3 lessons from the story:

  • The treasure is where you are but you need to go out to know it.

In the case of Santiago, the real treasure wasn’t the gold he got. It was the experience he got. The person he became.

  • Never give up.

Santiago faced lots of troubles trough his journey. But he never stopped and eventually got the treasure.

  • Follow your heart.

Santiago faced troubles and got lots of money and jobs. He got settled a couple of times but never forgot his dream, he followed his heart.        

We have finally reached the end. This one got a bit big. I tried my best to keep it small but as you know it’s a whole book. But don’t forget to share your opinions in the comments.  

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