How to deal with changes?


Hey there, if you know about the 90/10 principle then you know that 10% of events that occur in our life are unexpected and sudden. So this is about how you can deal with those 10% events from the book “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson.

This book is about 4 characters 2 of them are mice and the other 2 are mouse-sized men. They were living in a maze and all of them loved cheese.

One Day they luckily found a big cheese station named
“C” which was full of cheese.2 people thought that those cheese will never finish, so they started to relax but the mice sensed that it is limited, so they quickly moved to find another station. But the two men try and wait for the cheese to come back which never happens. So finally one of them decides to go and find another station. The other man waits there. The two mice and that man who left station C find another cheese station while the other man never leaves that old station.

5 Key lessons from the story:

  1. Change happens, the cheese gets moved.
  2. Anticipate change get ready for the cheese to move.
  3. Monitor the change, keep smelling the cheese.
  4. Adapt to change quickly.
  5. Enjoy the changes.

So this was a quick summary of the book “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson and don’t forget to tell me if it was helpful or not?

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