Inside the mind of a master procrastinator


In our, everyday life most of us are obsessed with procrastinating but how many of we the reason for procrastination. So today I’ll take you to a tour inside the brain of a procrastinator. So this is how the brain of a procrastinator looks like in a simple image.

From the image we see, there are two parts of their brain.

  1. Rational Decision Maker
  2. Instant Gratification Monkey

Rational Decision Maker

Rational Decision-Maker is the logical and analytical part of our brain. It helps us to take our decision and do works.

Instant Gratification Monkey

Instant Gratification Monkey is the emotional brain. Though this monkey makes us human. This is the part that makes us procrastinate.

So this is why we procrastinate.

So when Rational Decision-Maker thinks that’s it’s time to start work Instant Gratification Monkey comes in control and starts controlling you and forget the work and procrastinate. But the problem is Rational Decision-Maker can’t stop Instant Gratification Monkey.

So how can we stop Instant Gratification Monkey?

The only thing that can stop this monkey is a dateline. When the dateline is near the monster in your mind gets activated which kick out the monkey from control and Rational Decision-Maker comes in control and makes you do the work.

If you want to know more you can check this video out:

In which Tim Urban explains how all think works.

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