How to overcome criticism?

While starting something new we all face criticism. There are some people who are so afraid of criticism that they quit what they are doing and some don’t even try to start.

So we can say that we are losing lots of Mark Zukerberg and Steve Jobs for criticism. But it’s a thing that can never stop. But to become successful we must overcome this.

So let’s start…

There are three types of people in our society:

      1.Successful People.

      2.People trying to be successful.

      3.Critics(Failed or never tried to be successful)

Now if you look at the successful people they will never criticize you. They don’t even have time to think about you And if they get the time they would inspire you not criticize.

This means the people who are criticizing you are  Actually failures or the people who never even tried. These people are like viruses and infecting aspiring entrepreneurs so that you become unsuccessful and join their community.

So next time when you get criticized remember that you are one step up from the critic.

But still, criticism psychologically affects us to prevent that notebook and write down all your achievements and the appreciation you got. Next time when someone criticizes you open the notebook and read those. This will make you feel positive about yourself and help you in overcoming criticism.

Don’t forget to write down your feelings about this technique.

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