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My Struggle With Anxiety

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Hey y’all, Recently I’ve in a rather weird situation, I don’t know if it’s exactly a slump. Let me explain first what’s going on with me, it started last month maybe I started procrastinating on everything I had to do. I was planning each day but never following the plan. It went for almost a month. It’s a classic case of Anxiety. How did Anxiety affect me...

Fixing My Social Media(Facebook) Addiction


Disclaimer: The word addiction is used here lightly. By addiction here I meant I would spend too much time on social media Hey guys, It’s been 3-4 months, since I don’t use Facebook. Also last month I’ve restricted my use of Youtube. Though I still suffer from the YouTube issue. Working on it but I was able to quit Facebook smoothly. So I just wanna share some things I used to...

How Did I Learn To Write With My Left Hand?


Hey guys, Welcome to the blog of the most unproductive person in the world, Who uses writing as a coping mechanism. So the title was a clickbait though I don’t see why I need a clickbait on my own website. Whatever….. Today I’ll mainly talk about how I used The Compounding Effect to learn to write with my non-dominant hand/my left hand. So, My journey started around April of...

Why We Cry When a Movie Character Dies?


Hey guys, Recently I watched a film called “Dunkirk” written and directed by Christopher Nolan. I know It’s not the best example to use for this topic but It works. Without revealing much, Dunkirk is a war/action genre film based on the real-life incidents of Dunkirk evacuation during World War ll. During the beginning of the war British and, French soldiers got surrounded by...

The Like Switch: An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Influencing, Attracting, and Winning People Over


Hey guys, About two months later huh… I have no good reasons. Maybe because I have no one waiting for my posts. So didn’t have the motivation. Whatever but here I am back again. So today’s post would be a short summary of this amazing book “The Like Switch” by Jack Schafer So I divided the topics into a few parts, hope you would like it. So let’s start with The...

Why Do People Blindly Trust Apple?


Hey guys, Finally I got the answer to one of my oldest bugs, Which is why the hell people buy apple when they can get the same phone with much less money? So I asked lots of people and the most common yet most illogical answer was “people buy apple products to show that they’re rich”. And the most logical answer to me was “Apple products are safer, you know like they...

Why Perfectionism Sucks?


Hey guys, Today I am here to sort of roast myself, to be more specific the perfectionist side of me. So to be honest right now I am kind of in the middle. Which means now I seek perfection in certain things not everything. Otherwise, I won’t have this blog because none of my posts are perfect and I am trying to constantly improve my blog. It’s like trying, failing, and improving. At...

How Do I Form Good Habits?


Hey guys, 2020 has been an excellent year for me. Before you think I went nuts let me explain, So this year I have plenty of time to learn new things and get some new habits. In short, I got lots of time to experiment with different things. So today I’ll share my experience till now about habit. I’ll explain my way to successfully form any habit. What gets measured gets managed ~...

How to achieve any goal?


Hey guys, This one is pretty important for me. Because I’ve suffered from this problem of not finishing the works I’ve started. Every time, I set a goal start working on it with full motivation which lasts mostly a week or so. Then day by day I just stop doing it. And eventually, I forget about it. I know I’m not the only person who suffers from this problem. So, today...

Copywriting for Beginner


Hey guys, Today I’ll talk about as the title suggest “Copywriting”. I’ll talk about some of the best sales techniques that you can use for writing the best copy. Let’s first understand what Copywriting means? According to Google, the activity or occupation of writing the text of advertisements or publicity material. So in simple words, a copywriter’s job is to...



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