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How to stop procrastination?


Hey guys, Finally I’m writing about procrastination. Actually last time I wrote about why do we procrastinate? Whatever, now let’s talk about how to stop procrastination. There are hundreds if not thousands of techniques to stop procrastination. But first, you need to know why do we procrastinate in the first place. Check that out here. Not procrastinating definitely means being...

How I Trick My Brain to do Hard Things?-Dopamine Detox

Book on a table

Hey guys, If I tell you to scroll your news feed for an hour or two, you’ll be able to do that without even knowing the time. And after two hours you might be like, “Oh, Two hours are over, I thought it’s just 20 minutes?”. While if I ask you to read a book or work on building a side hustle. Your reaction will definitely be the opposite. Why does this happen? Even though...

Body Language Reading. Part-3


Hey guys, I’m finally here with the last part of reading body language. On the last two blogs about body language I shared leg and torso gestures. If you haven’t read those check those out here and here. Today I’ll talk about hand and face gestures. So let’s start. Hand Gestures Gravity Related Movement When we feel Happy, Energetic, or exited our hands automatically go...

Theory of Marginal Gains:1% percent improvement for success.


Hey guys, For a long time the professional British Cycling team(also known as team sky) was regarded as one of the worst teams in the world. In its entire 76 years history,  they were able to win only a single Gold medal in Olympics. They had no improvement. Most popular bike manufacturing companies refused to let them ride their bikes. They thought people would associate Team Sky with their...

How to win people. Part-2


Hey guys, I am finally writing part two of how to win people. I’ve been procrastinating with this for a while now. If you haven’t checked part one don’t worry I’ll leave a link to that. Check that out after finishing this one. So let’s get started. 1. Let the other person feel the idea is his or her People always love their ideas no matter if it’s good or bad...

Influence the Psychology of Persuasion Summary


Hey guys, today I’ll talk about this book called “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert Cialdini. This book is mainly to improve social skills but can be far more effective in marketing. The book focuses on six techniques you can use to influence people, maybe to make a decision or buy something. So let’s start, Scarcity Some psychological studies have proved...

The 5 Second Rule


Hey guy, Mel Robbins was very unhappy with her life. So she decided to change herself and form some good habits. So she tried to change but she couldn’t change anything. Her husband’s business was also failing. At that time her life was sort of miserable.  But then, one night she got an idea of a trick while watching a show on TV. Which later changed her life. She quit being lazy and...

Feynman technique:How to learn anything?


Hey guys, Richard Feynman was a Nobel prize-winning American physicist. But he is mostly known for his approach of explaining things. He had a magical power of breaking down complex things into so simple that even a kid could understand that. He was even known as The Great Explainer. Now the question is how can we do the same? According to Albert Einstein,               “If you can’t explain it...

Body Language Reading, Part-2


Hey guys, I’m back with another article about reading body language. Obviously, because we communicate more with our bodies than words. In my last article, I explained the leg gestures. You can check that here. Today I’ll talk about torso gestures. So let’s start. Torso Shield When we face uncomfortable situations, we start hiding our torso. For example by folding hands or keeping books or...

How to manifest money?


Hey guys, Do you know how much powerful visualization can be? If you manifest anything using visualization you will achieve. The secret behind it is the Law of Attraction. But you have to take steps toward your goal. If you manifest your goals it will subconsciously increase your ability to work for your goals. Now let’s get back to the topic of how to manifest money. I’ll share a six-step...

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